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Honoring Your Donors in an Interactive Way

Donor Rec


Advent’s innovative digital installations transform the traditional approach to donor recognition. Our technology provides a dynamic, authentic, and engaging way to honor those who have contributed to your program or institution. Moving beyond passive displays, our digital installations offer an interactive, adaptable, and space-efficient solution to categorize and recognize donors at various giving levels. From gold to bronze, every contribution can be showcased in a manner that truly reflects the value to your organization.

            KEY FEATURES

Self-Directed Experience
Create deeper, more meaningful interactions for visitors as they explore donor contributions through intuitive, self-directed digital narratives.

Adaptable Content
Our flexible Experience Management System (XMS) and app framework allows for easy categorization and filtering of donor lists. Highlight specific donors as needed, ensuring that recognition is always current and relevant.

Versatile Display Options
From simple acknowledgments on small screens to complex tributes on large displays, our technology accommodates a range of experiences tailored to the space and audience.

What we bring to the table

Unique Ways to Show off Your Donors

Tailored Solution

Each installation is uniquely designed to tell the story of your donors in an intuitive, brand-appropriate manner. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we create a distinctive look and feel for each display, ensuring that every acknowledgment feels personal and authentic.

Decide your own user journey.

Interactive Experiences

Our technology is the cornerstone of an interactive journey that honors donors in a compelling way. Whether it’s showcasing the journey of significant contributors or celebrating achievements, our installations make every acknowledgment an engaging, authentic experience.

Case Studies




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University of Wyoming – Gateway Center

Evolve and Sustain

In October 2014, the University of Wyoming unveiled the Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center, where Advent designed a state-of-the-art building featuring a stunning interactive timeline. It celebrates the university’s history and its relationship with the state and its donors. Our team incorporated natural materials and touchscreens, creating a digital/static hybrid timeline wall, delivering a significant “wow” factor. As technology progresses, so does Advent. In May 2024, the display was updated to a 4K, 4.25m screen with personalized mobile interface.

University of North Dakota – Nistler College of Business

Telling the Story of Alignment

At the University of North Dakota’s Nistler College of Business, we created an interface specifically designed to honor and recognize alumni and donors. Our interactive, turn-key digital experiences are crafted to engage and increase student recruitment, donor engagement, revenue generation, and more. The display gives visitors to the College of Business the opportunity to understand the story of who came before them to show alignment between the University’s mission and the values of donors.


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