Projection Mapping

Bringing Magic to Your Experience

Projection Mapping


Advent’s projection mapping technology redefines storytelling by turning any surface into a vibrant display platform. Our innovative approach animates inanimate objects, creating deeply immersive narratives. Projection mapping offers a cost-effective way to use existing structures, to craft a deeper and more memorable experience.

              Key Features

Easily Updated Content

Empower audiences to manage and engage with content on their terms, enhancing their experience and fostering meaningful connection.

Actionable Data Insights

Leverage audience interactions to gather valuable insights, optimizing experiences in a data-driven manner for maximum impact.

Responsive Interactivity

Engage audiences with motion tracking and interactive features that respond intuitively to both audience behavior and environmental changes.

What we bring to the table

Customize Your Story to the Audience

Perfectly Curated Messages

Our experienced team can organize, strategize, and maximize the clear message you want your audience to experience. We can story board the experience that will persuade audiences through emotional touchpoints.

From a small enchanted book to once-in-a-lifetime stadium project.

Endless Unique Applications

Each display is one-of-a-kind. Our design team seeks to understand YOUR audience’s journey and create an individualized experience.

Case Studies

University of Oregon Welcome Center

Enchanted storytelling

Immersability and interactivity are the keys to captivating any audience. For the University of Oregon, these dynamics are even more crucial as they are tasked with recruiting prospective students ranging from 14 to 18 and their families. Projection mapping elevated their experience of touring the university by bringing their brand and story to life. Prospective students can feel the “wow” factor of being an Oregon Duck when physically turning the pages of an enchanted book that comes to life. Content can be instantaneously updated at any moment to capture the interest of the user.

LA Stadium Preview Center

Bringing Flat Designs to Life

A 298-acre project cannot be captured through a few renderings and posters. It needs MAGIC! The LA Stadium Preview Center immersed investors, stakeholders, and visitors into the future of Los Angeles which highlighted the union of the upcoming stadium and entertainment district. Advent used projection mapping to spark emotional connection as users could interact with the new area being built. This project resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars being invested as groups experienced the feelings of what could be together.


pixels of digital real estate


pixels per second of processing speed


projectors producing over 1.2 million polygons per second

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