Interactive HOF

Showcasing your athletes’ accomplishments

Interactive HOF


Advent’s Interactive Hall of Fame offers a modern solution to honor individuals’ achievements, allowing users to navigate through a digital display and discover more about each inductee. Advent’s interactive Hall of Fame software establishes a manageable and updatable storytelling platform for years to come.

             KEY FEATURES

Enriching Content

Empower audiences to manage and engage with content on their terms, enhancing their experience and fostering meaningful connections.

Updateable XMS

With an agile experience management system (XMS), keep your lineage of excellence current and relevant, ensuring it remains a timeless testament to achievement.

Real-Time Metrics

Utilize AI and data intelligence to track engagement in your physical space, providing insights to inform future investments and enhance visitor experiences.

What we bring to the table

Honor Your Accomplishments

Personalized Experiences

Advent’s Interactive Hall of Fame offers self-directed immersive experiences, empowering users to explore narratives in-depth. From simple touch interactions to more complex experiences, this flexible platform caters to diverse needs, providing an engaging and interactive journey for every visitor.

Instant Content Updatability

Easy Maintenance

With Advent’s Interactive Hall of Fame, gone are the days of limited space and outdated plaques. Embrace a modern approach that evolves with your content and audience, ensuring authenticity and ease of maintenance. Craft unique and intuitive experiences that reflect your brand’s identity.

Case Studies


former and current players




days a year of operation

Kansas City Chiefs – Hall of Honor

Every Player. Every Game. Every Moment.

Advent’s Digital Team developed an interactive experience that compiles and organizes thousands of pieces of content into a user-guided journey, showcasing every game, player, and iconic moment related to the Chiefs. This honors current and past players, helping recognize them. Players return to show their family and friends an experience that makes them feel seen. The experience is exceptionally customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific message, brand, and the journey you want your audience to take.

University of Arkansas – Hall of Honor Interactive

Prioritizing the Razorback Journey

Digital Experiences are an increasingly vital part of our lives and, as a result, our experiential spaces. For the University of Arkansas, the team created an interactive experience accessible from the audience’s mobile devices. This allows users to fully customize their journey through the content. Similar to social media algorithms, it makes the story being told more personal and resonant. Additionally, it enables the organization to track which content is being engaged with and to replace content that is not performing well.

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