LED Solutions

Transform any wall into a digital experience

LED Solutions

Redefining Spatial Storytelling

Advent’s LED screen technology revolutionizes storytelling by transforming physical spaces into dynamic, immersive experiences. These screens are engineered to create seamless visual experiences on a grand scale, ensuring your story is not just told, but vividly brought to life. With LED technology, your message becomes a dynamic, continuous journey, constantly evolving and never growing old.

              KEY FEATURES

Dynamic XMS Technology

Advent’s Experience Management System (XMS) instantly revitalizes your displays, allowing quick, seamless updates to keep content vibrant and relevant.

Real-Time Dynamic Content

Advent’s XMS elevates displays with real-time updates, transforming traditional viewing into an active, engaging experience.

Expansive Coverage

Cover large areas effortlessly with Advent’s LED screens, ideal for multi-plane and wall-to-wall displays.


Customize Your Story to the Audience

Empower Your Space With LED

Advent’s Large Format LED Screens are powerful tools for storytelling and audience engagement. These screens transform any space into a dynamic visual experience, making your message not only seen but felt. With our technology, your content becomes a living part of the environment, captivating viewers and creating a lasting impact. Our ongoing consultancy ensures your display remains cutting-edge, adapting to trends and keeping your audience engaged. With Advent, your LED does more than just show content; they blend with architecture to enhance the space’s aesthetic and functional value. Their versatility makes them ideal for various settings, ensuring that no matter the environment, your message is delivered with impact and creativity.

Case Studies

University of Wyoming – Gateway Center

The Spirit of Wyoming

At the University of Wyoming Gateway Center, which serves as a multifunctional “front door” showcasing Advent’s capabilities, the original installation featured a 30-screen 4K digital wall and first-class finishes, even handmade chandeliers. To enhance the visitor’s experience and accommodate evolving technology, the cornered digital wall has since been updated to a seamless LED display. This upgrade enriches the experience, offering visitors a deeper connection to the spirit of Wyoming through innovative visual storytelling.

Belmont University – Jack C. Massey Center

Enhancing the First Impression

The renovation of the new Jack C. Massey Center at Belmont University has significantly enhanced its functionality and appeal. The first floor serves as a state-of-the-art Welcome Center. To bring student life to the forefront, a suspended LED mesh display was installed, creating a dynamic and immersive environment that appeals to a range of family demographics. This LED solution facilitates real, meaningful connections between admissions and prospective students, showcasing the Belmont community while creating that “WOW” factor as visitors enter the space.

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