Interactive AR

Transforming Any Space into a Digital Experience

Interactive AR

Bring Your Space to Life

Advent’s Augmented Reality (AR) App transforms existing environments into dynamic, interactive experiences. With our technology you can bring life to physical displays through digital overlays. By simply pointing a mobile camera at an object, users can/are able to unlock a world of rich media content, from videos to 3D models, enhancing storytelling and engagement without costly physical updates to a space.

               KEY FEATURES

Interactive Trigger Technology

The app recognizes specific objects or images in the environment, like a wall graphic or a trophy, triggering tailored digital content such as videos, audio, or text narratives.

Customizable & Updatable
Easily manage and update the media library through Advent’s Experience Management System (XMS), ensuring fresh and relevant content for every user interaction.

Rich Media Integration
Seamlessly blend various media types including videos, audio clips, text stories, and 3D models to create a layered, immersive experience.

What we bring to the table

Innovate Your Current Displays

Personalized Experiences

The Advent AR App offers a new layer of interaction within existing spaces, enabling unique engagement experiences without significant investment. Create a diverse and personalized storytelling experience, tailored to resonate uniquely with each user, enhancing the depth and relevance of information sharing.

Instantly Updateable by Your Team

Easy Management

The app’s user-friendly interface allows for effortless customization and refreshing of content, ensuring that each interaction remains engaging, memorable, and relevant. The XMS backend provides a seamless management experience, making it easy to update and maintain the app’s content.

Case Studies

PGA of America – Frisco Headquarters

Enchanted storytelling

Activated by this small PGA golfball chip, each display features a different video, image, or audio message of some of golf’s iconic moments and players. Users easily hold up their phones to travel back to the beginning of golf or Tiger Woods’ iconic, championship-winning putt.

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